Carpet Built for Performance

Carpet that’s engineered to repel stains

SmartStrand’s stain-protection is engineered in the actual carpet fiber, creating a permanent resistance to food, drink, mud and any other potential carpet foe. In repeated tests on tough stains like mustard, coffee and red wine, SmartStrand’s permanent built-in resistance outperformed similar fibers, including premium stain-treated nylon. The fiber even resists discoloration from bleach. Simply wash away stains with water and mild detergent, even spills from days before.

SmartStrand carpet triumphs in durability testing

This carpet was put through rigorous durability tests, and proves its worth at every turn. Certified testing includes a “walk test” of more than 20,000 footsteps to simulate an entire year of foot traffic, as well as a Modified Hexapod Test – mechanical testing that simulates the walk test in a condensed period of time. Thanks to the new standard in carpet fiber, SmartStrand carpet stays ahead of the pack in both tests, an improved option over both nylon and PET polyester carpet.

Carpet that will fill your home with incredible comfort

With SmartStrand carpet, you can make every room in your home your favorite room. While other carpets must be treated with chemicals to help fight stains, SmartStrand’s fibers are made up of special molecules that provide permanent stain resistance – engineered directly inside the fibers. No chemicals means no stiff strands or harsh-feeling fibers in this carpet. Just soft, inviting carpet your feet will thank you for.

SmartStrand carpet is an innovative, sustainable flooring

SmartStrand carpet utilizes a new, environmentally-friendly ingredient from DuPont that offers superior durability and stain protection, while also helping the environment. The production of this ingredient requires 30% less energy than nylon; greenhouse gas emissions from production are 63% less than nylon manufacturing; the end result is a savings of approximately one gallon of gasoline for every seven square yards of carpet. That’s 10 million gallons of gas each year!

Carpet so durable, it’s backed by multiple warranties

Mohawk is so confident in the quality of SmartStrand carpet, that they’re backing it with warranties including:

  • Lifetime Stain Resistance
  • Lifetime Anti-Static
  • 15-year Soil Resistance
  • 15-year Texture Retention
  • 15-year Abrasive Wear
  • 15-year Fade Resistance

To see the carpet for yourself, visit our showroom or contact us to schedule an in-home measurement.

To learn more about SmartStrand, visit Mohawk Flooring’s website.